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Jifeng International | Trade Expo

Our team has expert knowledge of hundreds of direct and indirect materials, products and services and will reduce your suppliers prices in any area of spend you chose to identify.

Jifeng is able to source locally or globally using our offices and partners in all regions of the world.

We will guarantee as a minimum to maintain your current levels of quality and service. You dictate the precise technical and commercial specifications before we go to market.

Working on your behalf or working with you Jifeng’s Sourcing Consultants brings resource, process, expertise, category & supply chain knowledge to your company’s sourcing or buying activities.

Substantial savings and other associated benefits are achieved rapidly. We can deliver all this on a success fee only basis where you pay only after implementation – making it risk free and cash positive.

  1. Trade Expo said on March 25, 2015 7:10 pm:

    Sourcing service and product showcase are our favourites, connecting us with quality buyers all over the world.

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