Exhibiting your products on Trade Expo

  • How do I become an exhibitor?

– It’s very simple. All you have to do is:

– go to Submit Listing on https://www.tradeexpo.co.za/add-listing/

– choose a listing package

– listings are processed quickly. Our sales team will contact you after receiving your request.

  • Do I need to fulfill any specific conditions to become an exhibitor?

– Trade Expo provides maximum international exposure for up to a maximum period of one year from the subscription date.

The online Trade Expo concept

  • What is an “online Trade Expo”? In what way does it differ from a traditional trade fair?

Trade Expo provides exhibitors the opportunity to connect with visitors 24/7/365 days a year, and everything takes place on the internet.

– Online exhibitions can work in conjunction with physical trade fairs. They offer services which traditional trade fairs do not provide:

– a permanent all year-round online exhibition position

– a place where exhibitors can meet visitors from all over the world on a single platform without the need to travel

– the optimization of your marketing budget and strategic communication choices. Working time is rationalized and there are no onerous costs for travel, equipment, stands, point-of-sale advertising and promotional giveaways. You still can participate in the traditional trade fairs of your choice and significantly increase your international presence through our online platform.

– a platform filled with quality content, bringing together the most prestigious brands from all sectors

  •  Why should I take part in an online exhibition?

– as a complement to traditional marketing media, Trade Expo online exhibitions are, above all, an opportunity to optimize your opportunities:

– to increase your presence in international markets while promoting your brand at a very low cost

– to project a modern image that effectively reaches your target audiences, without paying expensive advertising agency fees.

– moreover, as an exhibitor, you will have a permanent position where you can display your products. Trade Expo is the ideal international showcase.

  • What are the key benefits of being an exhibitor on Trade Expo?

– cost-effective international exposure

– permanent exposure 365 days/year

– your own personal contact on our sales team, always at your disposal

– a management interface allowing you to manage your online advert, personalize your exhibition and the elements you wish to include

– a newsletter sent out on a monthly basis to targeted visitors interested in your products

– ever-greater visibility thanks to constant improvements in our range of services

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