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Trade Shows in Africa

Please choose in which country you want to find trade shows in Africa:

In ExpoDataBase’s section trade shows in Africa more than 350 trade shows in 23 countries are listed.

After selecting a country you can choose in which category of business sectors you want to search for trade shows in Africa. In the next search step you are offered a list by which you can break down the category chosen into finer, more detailed business sectors. In total ExpoDataBase comprises more than 160 different business sectors for classifying trade shows in Africa.
After having chosen the detailed business sector, you must choose, in which year the trade shows you are looking for, take place. Then you get a hit list of trade shows in Africa which corresponds to your search.

Each trade show entry for trade shows in Africa gives you detailed information on the date of the event, the main exhibit areas of a trade show and its business sections. Also the frequency of the trade show, details to which groups of visitors the show is open, and statistics such as exhibit space costs, dates for build-up and dismantling of the show are mentioned. Of course the in trade shows in Africa also includes contact details of the trade show’s organizer and venue.

The major part of trade shows in Africa are held in South Africa but many shows also take place in Northern Africa in Tunesia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria. The most popular business sectors for trade shows in Africa are trade shows for building and construction. Also trade shows for interior decoration, apparel and clothing, as well as consumer goods fairs are common.

Besides trade shows in Africa ExpoDataBase offers various detailed information on trade shows and search, like for trade shows in Asia, trade shows in America and international trade shows.

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