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Trade Shows in America

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The section trade shows in America offers you more than 2.400 trade shows in 20 countries of North America, South America and Central America.

After selecting a country you can choose in which category of business sectors you want to search for trade shows in America. In the next search step you are offered a list by which you can break down the category chosen into finer, more detailed business sectors. In total ExpoDataBase comprises more than 160 different business sectors for classifying trade shows in America. When the detailed business sector has been chosen, you can decide on the year in which the trade shows you are looking for take place. Then you get a hit list of trade shows in America which corresponds to your search.

Trade shows in America is a section which is characterized by great contrasts. Most trade shows are held in the USA, where around 1.600 trade shows take place each year. However, the majority of trade shows in America are only of regional relevance. Within the section trade showsin  America in South America trade shows of relevance are held in Argentina and Brasil, whereas trade shows in the Andean countries only play a minor role.

In comparison to the total number of trade shows in America only a minor part of internationally relevant trade shows take place in America. Leading international trade shows are only held in the USA. Furthermore, only very few trade shows in America attract visitors from Asia or Europe. The majority of visitors to trade shows iin America come from within the country or from neighbouring countries.
In the US trade shows and exhibitions are often accompanied by congresses and conferences. Many trade shows in America are held at changing venues. The accompanying events as such are often as important as the trade show itself.

Apart from trade shows America ExpoDataBase offers detailed information on trade shows such as a search for Asian trade shows or for trade shows Europe.

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