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Trade Shows in Asia

Please choose a country in which you want to find trade shows in Asia:

ExpoDataBase offers detailed search possibilities for Asian trade shows. Here more than 2.500 trade shows in Asia in 39 countries are listed.
After selecting a country you can choose in which category of business sectors you want to search for trade shows in Asia. In the next search step you are offered a list by which you can break down the category chosen into finer, more detailed business sectors. In total ExpoDataBase distinguishes between more than 160 different business sectors for  trade shows in Asia.
At last you have to pick a year in which you want to find trade shows in Asia, until finally you reach the hit list with all trade shows in Asia fitting your selection criteria.

By clicking individual entries on the hit list of trade shows in Asia you are given an individual trade show overview. In this document all trade show data, like the trade show calendar, business and main exhibit sectors of the trade show are compiled. Moreover it lists the visitor groups to which the trade show is open. Also the show type, the first year of the show and the frequency of the specific event are given. Sofar only few trade shows in Asia are verified by independent associations according to worldwide standards, therefore only few trade shows in Asia have statistics in which the number of visitors or exhibitors are mentioned. However, in most entries for trade shows in Asia dates for build-up and dismantling and addresses of the trade show organizer and the venue are listed.

Generally speaking the relevance of trade shows in Asia is growing. The market for trade shows in Asia is continually increasing and with it the relevance of the individual trade shows.
On top of the ladder of trade shows in Asia stands China with the highest number of exhibiting square metres sold, the highest number of exhibitors and trade fair visitors. At the second place we find Japan, followed by Hong Kong and finally Korea.

Besides search options for trade shows in Asia ExpoDataBase offers various search options like the search for international trade shows, trade shows Europe or for trade shows America.

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