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Trade Shows in Australia

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The beginnings of the first trade shows in Australia lie in the 19th century. These trade shows in Australia were organized by the Royal Agricultural Societies to promote regional agriculture. At first trade shows in Australia had the character of agricultural product shows, then trade shows for raising cattle followed. Up to our days many trade shows in Australia have a reference to agriculture.

However, the range of trade show held in Australia reflects the core industries of the country, like for example: Trade shows IT-solutions, real estate, energy, shipping, or packaging.

Due to the geographical situation of the continent trade shows in Australia only attract few international trade visitors. Despite an average quote of 1 up to 11 per cent of international visitor trade shows in Australia often carry “international” in their title.

The number of foreign exhibitors, participating in trade shows in Australia varies, depending on the sector, from 5 per cent up to 50 per cent.

Trade shows in Australia of international relevance are particularly held in Sydney and Melbourne. Both places are economic centres and therefore ideal venues for the trade show and event business. In Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth mostly consumer shows focussing on topics such as cars, boats or furniture take place.

The section trade shows in Australia of ExpoDataBase presently lists 136 trades shows in Australia and 5 trade shows in New Zealand.

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