Trade Shows Europe

Trade Shows Europe

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Trade shows Europe offers quick and direct access to more than 11.000 trade shows in 42 European countries from A like Albania to U like United Kingdom. Besides leading international trade shows, national, international and regional trade shows Europe are registered.
In the global trade show business Europe is the leading place for trade fairs. More than 90% of leading international trade fairs are held in Europe. Most trade shows Europe take place in Germany. In the second place of the ranking within trade shows Europe is Italy. Other important countries for trade shows Europe are: France, Spain and Russia. Trade shows Europe are characterized by a long trade fair tradition, which has developed over centuries.However, on an international level trade shows Europe face strong competition, in particular from emerging Asian trade shows.


After selecting a country from the list given above, in the next search level you are to decide on a trade fair place where you want to find trade shows Europe.

As final selection criteria you choose a month and year in which the trade shows Europe you are looking for are being held.

The focus of trade shows Europe is set on international and national trade shows and exhibitions. With exception of Western Europe only minor attention is paid to local and regional trade shows. Besides trade shows Europe ExpoDataBase also offers detailed trade show information on top fair places Europe or top fair places Germany.

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